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Spaulding Trailer Patchers

When patching is the best solution, the customizable Spaulding RMV Dump Model patcher – in 2-ton or 4-ton – is a top choice among road maintenance vehicles.image001 Designed to unload large amounts of asphalt in ashort amount of time, which gives crews more time to finish their work, the Spaulding RMV Dump Model is an easily accessible road maintenance vehicle that is powered by two hydraulic cylinders that lift the hopper with ease and fluidity. Featuring heavy-duty steel construction, automatic temperature controller, commercial-rated tires, adjustable 12-position hitch, 105,000-BTU burner for diesel, heated air or oil-jacket drum, and insulated walls, the Spaulding RMV Dump Model is another high-caliber road maintenance vehicle from a respected manufacturer.


For your trailer patcher rental needs, Bell Equipment is your resource for the superior Spaulding brand. Contact us for rental rates and availability. 


Applications for Trailer Patchers

There isn’t one licensed driver who hasn’t noticed rough sections of an oft-traveled road – and those same drivers notice when problem areas have been fixed. What they may not have the opportunity to see are the repairs being completed; when efficient trailer patchers are used by road maintenance crews, the asphalt is unloaded generously and quickly to allow crews to make repairs rapidly without sacrificing quality.

Road maintenance is an ongoing and necessary task for every town and city. Traffic and weather play their part in attacking the surface of the roads, and that means even extremely well-paved roads will suffer damage and disrepair.

Trailer patchers are commonly used to repair potholes, road shoulders, utility cuts, and more.

Benefits of Using a Trailer Patcher

Potholes and road troubles are not unique to winter weather conditions. Roads, highways, and parking lots feel the burn of harsh winter weather as well as hot summer weather. Potholes in particular are most likely to occur in the late winter and in the early spring when the freezing and thawing cycle is at its apex. The benefits of using a trailer patcher carry throughout all seasons.

  • Feasibility of all-weather repairs: Using a trailer patcher that can operate in any temperature and any sort of weather gives road maintenance crews a distinct advantage. Winter weather delays once prevented the necessary repairs for potholes until warmer temps appeared, which meant that road problems grew even bigger and more difficult to fix. Now that insulated patchers with sophisticated heating systems are available to keep asphalt hot and usable over a period of time, patching jobs can be tackled more quickly, without concern about the elements.
  • Maintain public safety: Motorists often fall victim to the small, distracting, and irritating potholes littered throughout a town or city, often resulting in vehicle damage or the motorist losing control of the vehicle and crashing. Road maintenance is simply important for maintaining public safety, and using an efficient trailer patcher cultivates a maintenance system that repairs problems as quickly as they arise.
  • Safety of work crews: Any sort of maintenance work being conducted on busy highways comes with its own set of risks. The goal is to employ patching equipment that requires fewer workers to do the job so that other crew members can maintain the safety of the operation and ensure that their coworkers are not in danger from unobservant motorists who are surprised by unexpected road repairs.

Types of Trailer Patchers

Trailer patchers can be attached to a host vehicle in several different ways:

  • Mounted on a truck chassis
  • Slip-in model
  • Trailer mounted
  • Units that mount on dump trucks

The operation of a trailer-mounted or truck-mounted patcher typically requires a crew of two or three people. Small equipment is cost-effective when you’re operating with smaller work crews, or would like to do so. Smaller equipment is also less disruptive to traffic patterns and may require minimal traffic control.

Portability is a major factor for many highway maintenance crews and patchers that can be pulled behind a truck or trailer or attached to the box or truck is incredibly beneficial. Always opt for easily accessible road maintenance vehicles that are tailored for your road maintenance needs.

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