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Whether installed on one truck or one thousand, LoadMaxx Scales pay for themselves in time and cost savings. With LoadMaxx, you get accurate weights right at the loading site. Expanded communications capabilities make LoadMaxx ideal for operators who want to make maximum use of vehicle weight data.


The LoadMaxx Truck Scale combines state-of-the-art hardware and software technology to accurately measure and display steer and drive axle group weights, GVW, and net payload weights. Weight information is shown on an in-dash display. It can also be transmitted to the truck’s data bus for use by other vehicle applications and wireless transmission to fleet headquarters.


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Whether you operate a refuse vehicle, dump truck, cement mixer or other truck, you will appreciate the benefits of a LoadMaxx on-board scale.
These include:

  • Eliminate or reduce costs and delays caused by weighing at a truck stop scale
  • Eliminate or reduce scale fees and overweight fines
  • Eliminate or reduce lost hours-of-service time
  • Eliminate or reduce lost out-of-route miles and fuel
  • Eliminate or reduce missed deliveries due to overweight delays

Take advantage of additional advanced on-board weighing solutions such as two alarm outputs with warning/overweight thresholds, an optional date/time printer, an optional inclinometer, and enhanced self-test diagnostics.

Load it right the first time with a LoadMaxx Scale and head straight to the highway. 
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  • Designed for vocational vehicles with: Alarm outputs with warning and overweight thresholds. Used as an input to vehicle controls which can be set to prevent driver overloading.Pin protection for calibration and alarm outputs.
    • Hendrickson HaulMaxx, RT-463 or HN-462 drive suspensions.
    • Mack Camelback drive suspension, Volvo M-Ride drive suspension.
    • Air drive suspensions.
  • Accurate to within 2% of gross vehicle weight or axle group weight for vehicles with mechanical suspensions.
  • Accurate to within 300 pounds for each air suspension axle group.
  • Includes dual-point calibration with pin-protection for setup and calibration.
  • Accuracy is not affected by altitude, temperature, or humidity.
  • Standard J1708, J1939, and RS-232 interfaces for integrating with onboard computers.
  • Optional weight receipt printer and inclinometer on some scale.

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