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Unmatched technology and versatility in a roll-off cable hoist.

Heil's KwikLift roll-off hoist is the cable hoist companion to the DuaLift hoist system. The KwikLift roll-off hoist has found followers among haulers who need only cable hoist production, but also demand the ultimate in speed, strength, and versatility. Plus, it offers safety features not found on other roll-off hoists.

One such feature is increased visibility during operation. Typically, an operator in the cab of a truck operating a roll-off hoist must deal with visual obstructions from the hoist frame, reeving cylinders, and hoist mechanism. The KwikLift cable hoist eliminates these obstructions with its center-mounted cylinder and traveling carriage design, leaving a clearer view between the hoist rails and enabling the operator to view the roll-off container and lifting operation.

The KwikLift's free cable length is an extraordinarily long 10 feet. This is achieved by the action of the traveling carriage, which is hydraulically powered to travel the entire length of the hoist. Because the cable sheave is attached to the carriage, every foot of carriage travel — either extending or retracting — produces two feet of cable movement.

As a result of this exponential cable movement, the KwikLift hoist's loading and unloading times are about half that of traditional roll-off hoists. In addition to increased power and speed throughout the hoist's operation, the carriage can also be cycled back and forth in a manner that produces rapid container movement to help shake loose stubborn loads, a feature not found on any other roll-off hoist.

Superior weight distribution is another aspect of the KwikLift hoist that has gained the attention of industry safety proponents. The KwikLift carriage pulls containers into the front hold-downs, a particularly attractive benefit when hauling shorter containers. And, the container rollers do not interfere with the tandem fenders.

The KwikLift carriage is also used to push containers off the hoist when offloading empty containers onto docks or when loading pup trailers, reducing wear on the vehicle. Other roll-off hoists must create a considerable amount of slack in the cable attached to the container, and then drive out from under the container; or a driver must slam on the brakes as the truck backs up to a dock, propelling the container off the back of the hoist.

The KwikLift cable length is also a safety factor. The cable is guarded by a restraint or housing that surrounds the sheave. If a cable failure does occur, the restraint mechanism and the shorter length of the cable act together to prevent the whip-like action of a broken cable from reaching the truck cab.

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