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The fastest strike in the refuse jungle.

The DuraPack Python automated side loader combines two proven products in one high-performance package — the DuraPack refuse collection body, which is famous for its toughness and productivity, and the patented Python automated arm, which is faster, smoother, and longer-lasting than any other.

The DuraPack Python’s arm has an 8-second lift cycle. That can save you up to 4 seconds per stop – and up 1 hour per day – delivering a fiscal savings of more than $15,000 per garbage truck every year! You don’t have to wait for the hopper to catch up with a load, either, because the Python’s follower panel enables continuous dumping. Twin packing cylinders deliver outstanding payloads, so you can collect trash from more homes with fewer trips to the disposal site.

Able to lift up to 1,250 pounds, the Python’s arm features cushioned cylinders for action that’s as smooth as a snake, saving wear and tear on the lift arm and the chassis. The Python’s unique lift geometry also prevents spillage and enables the arm to return carts with the lids closed every time.

Heil’s Operate-in-Gear-at-Idle System comes standard on the DuraPack Python side loader. It is designed to reduce wear on the lift assembly, chassis, engine, and transmission. Plus, it greatly reduces noise — a benefit to vehicle operators and refuse collection customers alike.

We back all Heil refuse collection vehicles with a worldwide network of knowledgeable dealers and service centers, as well as the industry’s first dedicated manufacturer-based training facility and mobile training centers, to help you keep your Python operating at its peak. Add to that Heil’s century-old heritage of commitment to customer satisfaction, and you can feel certain that when you choose a DuraPack Python, you are getting the most productive and durable, automated side loader available.

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