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The most versatile roll-off hoist in the solid waste industry.

Heil's DuaLift combination hook lift and cable hoist is a unique solution that performs like two trucks in one to efficiently load and unload roll-off containers.

The DuaLift's innovative design offers unmatched advantages over conventional roll-off hoists. Using the DuaLift, you can now service both hook and cable containers with a single chassis, which means you'll never need to worry again about dispatching the wrong roll-off truck, saving you time and money.

A patented telescopic cylinder design and cable-type frame rail stability deliver twice the alignment forgiveness of reeving hoists and enable the DuaLift to load and unload containers faster than standard reeving operations. It hauls both standard containers and short hook containers, and powers short containers to the rear of the frame before raising for additional safety.

The DuaLift is also an ideal solution for horizontal-load pup trailers, docks, and flatbeds. It features a standard 10-foot cable at the rear of the hoist for unmatched performance with tough pulls, offers the ability to hook containers at the lowest elevation in the business, and enables you to tow containers with the hoist down when needed.

As if these features weren't enough to make the DuaLift a real roll-off workhorse, the unit also features a unique shaking capability to easily empty difficult-to-remove cardboard or frozen compactor loads. This innovative feature will extend the life of your equipment by preventing drivers from trying to release a frozen load by moving the truck forward, then driving it in reverse and slamming on the brakes.

For handling roll-off container lengths of 12-24 feet, and 62-, 54-, and 36-inch lift bars, nothing compares to DuaLift by Heil.

The DuaLift combination hook lift and cable hoist offers many versatile features for effectively managing the needs of your roll-off customers.

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