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The Spaulding RMV Dump Model (2 ton and 4 ton) is a patcher designed to unload large amounts of asphalt in a short amount of time, giving a crew more time to finish their work. The Dump model is powered by two hydraulic cylinders that lift the hopper with ease and fluidity.

With the Dump Model, Spaulding Manufacturing has successfully created, and maintained, an easily accessible road maintenance vehicle that will dispense asphalt as quick as you need it.


Heavy duty steel construction

• Continuous welds

• Automatic temperature controller

• Surge/Electric brakes

• Tandem axels

• Commercial rated tires

• Adjustable 12-position hitch

• 105,000 BTU burner for diesel

• Heated air or oil-jacket drum

• Insulated walls


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The Spaulding RMV Auger Trailer is a trailer that comes built much like the RMV Hot Patcher, but has a built in high power hydraulic auger in the hopper. This rugged machine can empty a full four ton hopper in just ten minutes. This hopper is triple walled and comes equipped with three burners attached for fast even heat. Also the RMV Auger Trailer comes with hydraulic loading top doors for easy loading of asphalt.


Easy loading and unloading, makes for a more productive, and less time consuming job. No matter what size the job, the Spaulding RMV Auger Trailer can auger asphalt out in a fast and effective manner.





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